About Us

Find out more about us; Who we are and what we do!

The EagleAdverts is a product of the Eagle Diamond Consult. Our team of advertising experts built this community to promote the concept of open advertising. We believe that the advertiser should be given total control over every aspect of his advert.

The EagleAdverts is the first international advertising network granting its advertisers open or transparent access to crucial data about their ads. Advertiser can monitor every aspect of their ads such as the click sources, IP address, time click occurred, exact webpage click came from and the websites ads are showing on. Advertisers can also blacklist websites and blogs from carrying their ads and also seek refunds from clicks they suspect as fraud. The whole process is very open ensuring high ROI for all ads.

We operate through a community of advertising agencies and promoters (both social promoters and best local content publishers). Our goal is keep the process of digital advertising open and also put the power of advancing the model in the hands of our vibrant community of advertisers, publishers and social media promoters.

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