Ad Formats

Ad formats supported by the Eagle Adverts platform.

A single Ad Campaign on the Eagle Adverts platform supports the inclusion of the listed formats below. For better results, it advised you create all ad formats and most especially the mobile image ad format on your ad campaign.

  • Square Banner Ad Image (250pixel by 250pixel)
  • Skyscraper Banner Ad Image (160pixel by 600pixel)
  • Default Ad Image (200pixel by 200pixel)
  • Mobile Ad Image (320pixel by 50pixel)
  • Leaderboard Banner Ad Image (728pixel by 90pixel)

Eagle Adverts Ad campaigns can actually run with just one of the ad formats, it is not mandatory to create all the possible ad formats on your ad campaign. Creating all ad formats is an added advantage as it helps broaden the reach of your adverts at no added cost, all ad formats created within a single campaign feeds from a single ad budget.

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