Advertising On Eagle Adverts

Reach millions of Internet Users through the Eagle Adverts

Eagle Adverts is an international digital advertising company with a daily reach of over 50million worldwide. We use the follow advertising medium to reach millions of Internet Users:

SMS Advertising

Mobile phones are highly personal devices; mobiles are always with the users 12- 24 hours a day. So, if you send a discount offer as a message, it would be there with the user when he/she walks into your store.

Online Advertising Through A Network of Blogs & Websites

The global marketplace that is the web is now saturated with businesses all competing for the attention of potential customers and it is more important than ever to promote your brand. We can help your company maximize the benefits of an online presence by ensuring that your products and services get out to your targeted audience.

Social Media Advertising

The Eagle Adverts use a network of over 50,000 social media promoters to share your adverts to their friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter. This is our cheapest form of advertising and it delivers great results. It is best for building website membership signups, building opt-in list and also for increasing sales instantly.

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