Sell Advertising And Make Money Online

Earn 10% commission on advertising sales to local businesses

Join the Eagle Adverts Affiliate marketers network. Refer a clients and get 5% of his advertising budget for a lifetime. It is easy and very flexible. It is entirely free to join this affiliate program and our team will be giving you a lot of support to ensure you succeed marketing our advertising services.

What do I have to do?

You will be selling Local Online Advertising on the Ad Server ad network to local businesses, larger corporations, or anyone with a website.

The important things you need to know

  • A little work today could earn you money for a lifetime!
  • Most small businesses spend thousands every month in advertising costs
  • Ad Server pays a solid 10% commission continually for referred business
  • Commission applies for the entire lifespan of all accounts you signup
  • Every payment made by advertisers referred to the network will count towards your commission
  • There are no maximums and no limits whatsoever on the amount of money you can make
  • Every month you will get a check for commission earned

What are you selling?

  • You are selling advertising on the Ad Server Network
  • Ad Server is a Flat-Rate, Pay-Per-Click, Local Online Advertising Network
  • Pay-per-click: a popular advertising model simplified
  • Flat-Rate means elimination of costly bidding for clicks
  • Other Online advertising networks use a bidding system which can drive the cost of clicks up

Who are you selling to?

  • A person who has a website and wants users to come to their website
  • They make an ad on the Ad Server network
  • Their Ad is seen by web surfers who get filtered to their website
  • Ad Server charges the advertiser a flat weekly or monthly rate

We think Ad Server is a high value and is easy to sell

  • You are given a special promotional link
  • All you have to do is instruct your clients to sign up using your referral/promotional link
  • Agents can provide advertising by providing their promotional link in person, by phone, or online
  • Also, with no fee to signup, clients have the opportunity to put us to the test with no obligations

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